Here we'll list events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.

O.A.A.R.S Talknet

The O.A.A.R.S 2 Meter Talknet is Every Monday Evening at 8:00 PM on the 146.940 Repeater, PL 103.5, From West Branch Michigan.

The O.A.A.R.S Digital ,C4FM, 2 Meter Round Table Talknet is Every Tuesday Evening at 7:00 PM on the 146.940 Repeater, PL 103.5, From West Branch Michigan.

O.A.A.R.S. Information

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The Amateur's News

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Application For Membership

Club President For Contact Is:
KD8JSL     Dale Wheeler  (989) 254-9185


The Term Stands For Amateur Radio Emergency Service.  ARES Members Are Amateur Radio Operators Who Provide Their Time To Provide Communications For Emergencies, Public Services & Events.  For Membership And Or For Further Information In Our Area In Michigan Contact
Chris W8COP
(989) 685 - 3120


Club Officers For the Year 2018

President:            KD8JSL     Dale Wheeler
                                                (989) 254-9185)
Vice President:   W8DMI      Dan Karbginsky 
Treasurer:            KC8JOZ   Tyler Rosebrugh
Secretary:            N8RSH      Russ Hall

Information  &  Events:

•Skywarn Preamble Net Control Guidelines
•Be A Net Control Operator
•Club Information
•Becoming a Member
•How To Become A Ham

Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee to Disappear in September


The Amateur Radio vanity call sign regulatory fee is set to disappear in the next few weeks. According to the best-available information from FCC sources, the first day that applicants will be able to file a vanity application without having to pay a fee is Thursday, September 3. In deciding earlier this year to drop the regulatory fee components for Amateur Radio vanity call signs and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) applications, the FCC said it was doing so to save money and personnel resources. The Commission asserted that it costs more of both to process the regulatory fees and issue refunds than the amount of the regulatory fee payment.

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OAARS Club Meeting Apr 4th, 2018

The Ogemaw Arenac Amateur Radio Society will meet at the Mills Township Hall located at 2441 Greenwood Rd. Skidway Lake at 7:00 pm.  For more information about the club, or other Amateur Radio related events Call or Talk to Any Club Officer or Club Member for additional information.

2018 Michigan QSO Party April 21

The 2017 Michigan QSO Party, sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club, from 1600Z April 15, 2017 until 0400Z April 16, 2017.  This is noon to midnight local time in Michigan. Stations may operate the full 12 hours.  Phone and CW on 80/40/20/15/10 meters.  Single-op, multi-op, EOC and mobile categories.  Stations may be worked once per band and mode.  MI-to-MI QSOs are allowed. Work portables and mobiles again as they change county, state or province.  Exchange QSO number and location (county for Michigan stations, state/province or "DX" for all others).  Suggested frequencies:    CW-3545, 7045, 14045, 21045, 28045 Phone-3825, 7200, 14250, 21300, 28450.  Scoring: One point per phone QSO, two points per CW QSO.  Count multipliers once per mode. Multipliers are Michigan counties for all entries, plus states, provinces and "DX" for Michigan entries only.  Final score is total QSO points X total multipliers.  Reporting: Submit logs no later than 30 days after the contest.  Electronic logs in Cabrillo format are submitted via the MiQP Log Submittal page on the MiQP web site.

Fox Hunt May 12th, 2018

The Ogemaw Arenac Amateur Radio Society Fall Fox Hunt  will be Saturday October 14th at 9:00am. Fox hunters will meet at Irons Park in West Branch before the start.  N8RSH Russ will be the Fox for the Fall Hunt. Come and join us for the fun.

OAARS Club Picnic Sept 9th, 2017

The Ogemaw  Arenac Amateur Radio Society Club Picnic held at the Elbow Lake Park off of Lucinda Dr. in Skidway Lake was a big success.  Those in attendance enjoyed Bratts, Burgers and good conversation at this Beautiful Park.


Mar. 5th       W8COP      Chris
Mar. 12th     KC8EHU    Alan
Mar. 19th     KC8JOZ     Tyler
Mar. 26th     KD8JSL      Dale
Apr. 2nd       N8RSH       Russ

Membership Dues

March is the time to renew your membership.  See the Club Secretary or they can be mailed to the Ogemaw Arenac Amateur Radio Society, PO Box 4358, Prescott, MI 48756

Amateur Radio Exams

Are Scheduled The 3rd Wednesday Of Every Month At The Mills Twp.  Hall at 2441 Greenwood Road In Skidway Lake Michigan 6:30 pm Registrations, 7:00 pm Exams Begin, Walkins Welcome Or For Pre-Registrations Contact:
Rich AB8YG
(989) 873-6909
Email to:
Dave K8BD
(989) 685-3081
Email to:

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