The Ogemaw Arenac Amateur Radio Society meets at the Mills Township Hall located at 2441 Greenwood Rd. Skidway Lake on the First Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  We are in Michigan in the U.S.A.  For more information about the club, or other Amateur Radio related events, please contact one of the following:

President:             KD8JSL     Dale Wheeler
                                     (989) 254-9185)
Vice President:    W8BUH    Dean Coleman
Treasurer:             KC8JOZ    Tyler Rosebrugh
Secretary:             N8RSH      Russ Hall



The O.A.A.R.S. Club Newsletter "The Amateur's News" is published monthly.  All members receive it each month, either at a meeting, by postage mail or by email.  Click Here:  The Amateur's News  to access our current edition and information of our editor N8RSH for contacting.



Membership year is from 1 March to 1 March.  Dues for those joining between September 1st and March 1st are Half Price and then will renew at the regular price.  Click this link:  Application For Membership for a form or Becoming a Member for more information.  Mail in the form with your dues or submit at a club meeting.

$20 for one year, or $90 for five year, full membership, must hold an amateur license.  This includes full privileges and responsibilities, such as voting and holding office.

$10.00 for one year, non-licensed, non-voting, non-office holding, associate membership.





CLUB POSTAL MAILING ADDRESS:                    

Ogemaw Arenac Amateur Radio Society,  PO Box 4358,  Prescott, MI 48756



The K8OAR 146.940 Mhz  Repeater  with a PL Tone of 103.5  is located in West Branch Michigan U.S.A. 



OAARS 2 Meter Talk Net:

O.A.A.R.S. holds a 2 meter Talk Net on the 146.940 repeater located in West Branch Michigan U.S.A.on Monday nights at 8:00 P.M.  For those interested in being net control operators please click this link:  for a printable version of the Net control Preamble
Also a  printable version of our Skywarn Net Preamble is available by clicking the link for it here: Skywarn Preamble Net Control Guidelines

Bruce’s  Traders  Net Bruce’s  Traders  Net:

The  first  Monday of the month on the  94  Repeater  at  7PM  before  the Monday Night  Talk Net. If you have  any Ham  radio gear  you are  willing to sell/trade/buy direct  those  to Net  Control.  This  would be  a  great  place  to connect with  a  lucky Ham  Operator.  Please  limit  your announcements  to HAM  RADIO  items  only.



The Prescott Michigan Testing Group Amateur Radio Exams Are Scheduled The 3rd Wednesday Of Every Month  By Appointment Only Until Further NoticeFor more information and/or Registrations Contact:  Dave  (K8BD)  at (989) 685-3081 or Email to to give exams for licensing and upgrades.  Registration is at 6:30 P.M., testing begins at 7:00 P.M. 

NOTE:  Special arrangements can be arranged for amateur radio testing on other days if necessary to fit an individual's availability.  The Prescott Michigan Testing Group is a W5YI-VEC affiliated testing group in full compliance of any and all FCC regulations in Amateur Radio Examinations.


Membership & Visitors Notice:

•NOTE: Some of our club and member email addresses are in a graphical format that helps to prevent spambots  (SPAM Robot Search Engines)  from gathering email addresses.  When you notice that an address is not clickable, you may copy it down manually to compose an email in whatever mail program you are using.



Call Any Club Officer For Information Or Compose & Address All Emails For Any Officer To The Club Email Address:    (Mention In The Email Message Which Officer You Want To Direct The Message To)


Club Officers

President:               KD8JSL    Dale Wheeler              Secretary:           N8RSH     Russ Hall
Vice President:      W8BUH     Dean Coleman          Treasurer:         KC8JOZ   Tyler Rosebrugh

Appointed Positions

Trustee:      K8BD     Dave Burnell                 Sgt at Arms:                W8DMI    Dan Karbginsky

Trustee:      N8IGM     Joe Glover                  Activities Director:      KE8RHS      Tim Ridley
Club Positions

Repeater Coodinator:                         Newsletter Editor:                         K8OAR Trustee:
    W8COP  Chris Barbb                     N8RSH     Russ Hall              KC8JOZ  Tyler Rosebrugh
Emergency Coordinators

EC Arenac County:           AB8SY       Charles Rood

EC Ogemaw County:        W8COP     Chris Barbb 

EC Oscoda County:          N9KOP      Cameron Thurston
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